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Move the section of light through puzzles to reach the diamond goal.

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Sans Tale

You have to face various characters and make multiple choices in order to survive for a day.

Delicious Emilys Message in a Bottle

When Emily finds a message in a bottle from her younger self, her past and present collide into an all-new heartwarming adventure! With lovable new characters and tons of time management levels, you simply can't miss.

The Secret Pyramid

Help an explorer find clues and solve the mystery of the secret pyramid.

Farm 3D

Take on the role of a farmer where you can plow fields and grow crops.

Tiny Town

Build houses, earn money, manage all kinds of city related things and become the best mayor Tiny Town has ever seen! Keep your people happy by lowering taxes and increasing rations. Try to populate to the max and eventually grow your town into a real mega